The Central Texas Coalition for Life is a community-based, grassroots pro-life organization made up of local volunteers dedicated to ending abortion peacefully and prayerfully in Central Texas.

The Brazos Valley Coalition for Life was created in 1998 when Planned Parenthood of Houston and Southeast Texas announced it would build an abortion facility just two miles from the Texas A&M University flagship campus in Bryan-College Station.

In 2004, the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life created the powerful 40 Days for Life campaign, which has now grown into an international movement. This loving approach to ending abortion is a campaign composed of prayer and fasting, community outreach, and a constant peaceful prayer vigil outside local abortion facilities.

40 Days for Life has yielded great fruit as a result of the peaceful approach and the foundation in prayer. Since 2007 when 40 Days for Life went national (and shortly after INTERnational), over 650,000 Christians across the world have participated in a 40 Days for Life campaign. The blessings have been tremendous:

  • Over 9,699 women have chosen life for a child they were going to abort
  • at least 59 abortion facilities have shut down or stopped performing abortions
  • at least 107 workers in abortion facilities have had conversions and left their jobs, including our board PresidentAbby Johnson
  • Thousands of men and women with abortions in their past have finally found healing
  • Over 559 cities total (including all 50 states) have conducted a 40 Days for Life campaign
  • Over 27 different countries have joined in the 40 Days for Life efforts: Argentina, Armenia, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Congo, Croatia, Denmark, England, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Ireland, Latvia, Mexico, New Zealand, Nigeria, Northern Ireland, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Russia, South Africa, Spain, Uganda, and Wales.

Austin jumped on board with the 40 Days for Life phenomenon in the spring of 2009. This effective campaign served as the launch pad for the Central Texas Coalition for Life. Modeled after the Brazos Valley Coalition for Life, the Central Texas Coalition for Life has a mission of prayerfully and peacefully ending abortion in Central Texas.

The Brazos Valley Coalition for Life has helped other cities across Texas start their own cohesive organizations dedicated to maintaining a year-round presence at local abortion facilities. The San Antonio Coalition for Life and theHouston Coalition for Life are all working from the ground up to end abortion one woman at a time in their respective communities. Central Texas is now one of the areas blessed enough to have an entire organization dedicated to motivating Christians to take their pro-life convictions to the very places where the abortions are happening.

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Together with Christ, we will end abortion in Central Texas… peacefully and prayerfully.

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