Parking: 8401 North IH-35, Austin

North I-35: Whole Woman’s Health

This facility is located on the northbound frontage road of I-35 just north of 183 and south of Rundberg. You will pass an Extended Stay Suites hotel and a radio station. The next building is Whole Woman’s Health on the corner of I-35 and Fenelon. Whole Woman’s Health is located at the front of a subdivision.


Fenelon is a public street and you can park on the right side of the street opposite the facility (parking is allowed only on this side of the street).  If there are no spaces available, you may park in the neighborhood further down the street as long as you are not blocking any mailboxes or driveways.

Where to Pray

The public right of way is the grassy/dirt area from the chain link fence to the curb. Part of the public right of way is not marked with a fence, so make note that the property line is located where the “Towing enforced” sign stands.  Standing right up next to the fence is only for trained Sidewalk Counselors to ensure the women and individuals to whom they reach out can talk with them and not feel bombarded by multiple people. 

Love Thy Neighbor

The homes and businesses surrounding the abortion facilities (and the facility grounds themselves) are private property. Please respect our neighbors and park only in the locations designated above.

As peaceful and law-abiding volunteers:

  • We park only in the areas designated above
  • We stand and pray only in the areas designated above
  • We do not cross the line onto private property
  • We do not block the driveways or entrances to the facility
  • We obey all posted city parking signs